Crystal Magic: Mineral Wisdom for Pagans and Wiccans

Sandra Kynes

Llewellyn Publications (October, 2017)

$24.99 USD (Paperback); 240 pages; Color Illustrations

ISBN 978-0-7387-5341-6

Did you know that red carnelian was used for centuries to ward off bubonic plague, that there are eight different colors of jade, or that pyrite can help serve as a magical lie detector? These are just a few of the vivid details shared by Sandra Kynes in this well-illustrated reference to all things crystal. Pagan practitioner and “explorer of history, myth, and magic” Kynes is the prolific author of thirteen books including Plant Magic and Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Correspondences, and this generously illustrated new compendium shines with descriptions of more than 100 types of minerals and gemstones.

Part One of the book features a brief discussion of the history, science, and techniques of working with crystals (including how to choose/prepare/charge a stone and spot a synthetic fake), while Part Two provides a comprehensive alphabetical listing of each crystal, how to identify it, the stone’s historical biography, its magical properties, and its spiritual/astrological associations. The volume concludes with appendices that summarize each mineral’s “magical correspondences” and associated deities, along with a glossary, and lengthy bibliography.

Kynes presents detailed scientific information in accessible language and explain why this material is important to a larger appreciation of how crystals may function as magical tools: “Knowing how crystals are formed helps us understand why their energy is so dynamic and powerful. Being familiar with crystal characteristics provides for more effective and personalized use.” This central narrative balance of history, description, and practice throughout the volume helps make it an important reference book that will appeal equally to novices and experts in the art of using stones in magic, rituals, and ceremonies. Time to seek out some ametrine and yellow jasper!