A Happy New Year!

Another New Year’s Day—how time does fly! But what is Time to one who has the consciousness of Eternity? What is a year of time to one who is conscious of having “all the time there is” at his disposal?

Another New Year’s Day—ah! dear me! How many things that on last New Year’s Day we grievously feared would happen during the coming year, but which never really happened at all! And how many things that on last New Year’s Day we never dreamed would happen during the coming year, but which have come to pass during the year!

And, yet: here we are still—right on the job—we pulled through somehow and some way, didn’t we?

And, so it always is, in this Playground of the Gods. Most of the things that we worry so much about, and borrow trouble about, which we fear are going to happen Tomorrow—they never happen at all, and all our worry and fears are for nothing. And many, many things which we never imagined could happen, and therefore do not think it worth while to worry about—they often come to pass. So what’s the use of worrying anyway—what’s the use?

But, mark you this: Whatever happens, and whenever it happens, somehow and someway we are given the power to meet and bear it when it actually does come. We are always able to bear the burden of Today, provided that we do not add to it the imaginary burdens of Tomorrow as well—most of the latter never really require to be carried at all

So, here’s to the New Year! May it bring us Joy! But if it brings us Sorrow, let it also bring to us that knowledge of Truth which will give us the fortitude to bear the burden, and to look Sorrow fearlessly in the face.

He who knows the Truth of Life, and of Joy, and of Sorrow—he knows each for what it is, and is not—and such a one is beyond the power of Joy to make foolish, or of Sorrow to grievously wound. Fate stands abashed before such a soul!

So, a Happy New Year to you—a Happy New Year. May it bring you nearer to the Truth!

— William Walker Atkinson, “Chips From the Old Block,” Advanced Thought: A Monthly Journal of Mental Science, Practical Psychology, Yogi Philosophy, Constructive Occultism, Metaphysical Healing, Etc. (January 1918)